Terms of use
1. This site is directed to games and bets, through information technology resources, therefore it is forbidden access to them to children under eighteen years. By accessing the website and participating in the Games, the USER affirms and warrants to SORTEPLAY that its age is above legal age. All transactions made by minors are considered null and void, and no premium, if any, will be paid, nor due. By participating in games and betting on the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com), the USER affirms and warrants to SORTEPLAY that there are no legal restrictions or prohibitions on its participation in the website (www.sorteplay.com) within its scope. jurisdiction and, if any, the USER assumes the risks. The bet on the site (www.sorteplay.com) is an exclusive option, discretion and risk of the USER. There is no return of the bets, nor proof of bets made by SORTEPLAY. The proof of the bets will be registered in the account of the USER next to the site.

4. The USER is solely responsible for keeping your login and password secure and secret. The USER is responsible for any purchases and / or losses that may be posted to your account. SORTEPLAY will not be obliged to keep usernames or passwords of the USERS.

6. SORTEPLAY reserves the right to deny access to the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com) to certain persons.

7. SORTEPLAY reserves the right to cancel the account of the USER, without specific reason, launching a possible credit balance on the account of the same at the time of such cancellation. SORTEPLAY also reserves the right, in its unrestricted discretion, to void any prizes and to confiscate any balances in its account on the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com) in any of the following circumstances:

I. If the USER has attempted to circumvent or change the security systems of the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com) such as: user access password cracking, credit insertion code or prize receipt code. If the USER participates in a promotion of the website SORTEPLAY (www.sorteplay.com) and withdraw before fulfilling the requirements of that specific promotion. If the USER provides incorrect or misleading registration information. If SORTEPLAY believes, in its sole discretion, that the USER does not have the legal minimum age or does not meet the participation criteria established in these Conditions of Contract. If the USER is discovered using ardis artifices or if SORTEPLAY has concluded that he has used or made use of a system (including machines, computers, software or other automated systems) specially designed to defeat, alter, manipulate or impair the functioning of the site SORTEPLAY (www.sorteplay.com). If the USER has taken advantage of any breach of security, Bug or failure to take advantage of defeating, altering, manipulating or impairing the operation of the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com). VII. If the USER violates any of the representations and warranties contained in these Conditions of Contract. The USER, from now on authorizes SORTEPLAY to verify the creditworthiness of the one, confirming the existence or not of credits.

9. By accepting any prize and / or earnings of SORTEPLAY, the USER acknowledges its consent to these Terms and Conditions and consents to its use of its name for promotional and advertising purposes. All taxes, provided by law, if incidents on the prize, will be the sole responsibility of the Bookmaker. In case of prize, the system will send an electronic message to the USER, and the value of the prize will be inserted in the prize balance of the same. The USER may use the Premium balance to convert into Credits to make new bets or request the receipt. If you prefer the USER will indicate the bank account for deposit into account.

11. The value of the prize can be credited to the USER's account within 48 hours from the date of request, and it is your responsibility to indicate a bank account for the payment of the same. Values ​​of awards over 1,000 (one thousand credits) are retained in the system for internal audit and within a maximum of 24 hours will be available for request of receipt or conversion. The payment of an award must be made by SORTEPLAY directly to the client, and not to third parties. However, payment to a third party may be accepted as long as it is expressly authorized by the USER.
A situation in which this usually occurs is when the bettor does not have a bank account to receive the amount owed to him. , we provide a model authorization for deposit into third party account and that must be requested by the USER himself in case of awards. A daily request for receipt will be allowed at no cost to the USER, if the USER chooses r more than one daily request, this will be charged by the website at the time of your request. As for the period of validity, the USER understands that the Credit Code, acquired from SORTEPLAY resellers, will be valid for 90 days. After this period "the code" will be invalidated and can no longer be activated on the website. United States. As for the code inserted in the "Credit Balance", it will be valid for 180 days. After this deadline, if no new refills are made, the balance will be blocked until a recharge of any amount is performed. After a 365-day period of inactivity of your SORTEPLAY account, the USER account will be suspended and your account will be suspended. balances, credits and premiums, zeroed. As for the prizes won in SORTEPLAY, they are entered in the "Prize Balance" and the validity for the redemption or conversion will be 90 days, counted from the last prize received (The validity of the prize balance will always be renewed when there is new awards). After this deadline, the balance of prizes will be prescribed and zeroed, being unable to be redeemed or converted to credits. After a period of 365 days of inactivity by the SORTEPLAY USER, your account will be suspended along with your credit balances and awards.

18. Regarding the period of suspension by inactivity of the USER account in SORTEPLAY, the term for your (user account) inactivation will be 365 days, counted from the last login made by the USER on the site. After this period, all balances will be reset and the account will be suspended. The SORTEPLAY establishes that, the credits acquired can not be redeemed, their use will be given only to the end of the betting by the USER. Only the prizes can be redeemed.

20. The USER understands that any material submitted for prize claims becomes the property of SORTEPLAY and will not be refunded. SORTEPLAY is not responsible for lost, out-of-date, illegible, incomplete, damaged, mutilated or misdirected requests, prize claims or releases. Responsibility for games containing errors is limited to substitution.

21. The Games Materials (whether obtained electronically or otherwise) will automatically be invalidated if they falsify or alter their contents, if illegible, reproduced mechanically or electronically, obtained outside of legitimate authorized channels or if they contain printing, production, typographic, mechanical, electronic or any other type. SORTEPLAY will not be responsible for technical problems that may hinder or prevent access to the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com). SORTEPLAY employees, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, promoters or other media partners, retailers and their family members up to the third degree are not allowed to participate in the bets. > 24. The USER agrees to hold harmless SORTEPLAY, its employees, directors, officers, licensees, distributors, wholesalers, affiliates, subsidiaries, advertising agencies, promoters or others, media partners, agents and retailers, as well as to indemnify them integrally for any and all costs, expenses, obligations and damages that may arise from the following acts of the Gambler: (i) access, use or reuse of the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com). (ii) use of any materials or obtained from the site. (iii) access, use or reuse of the SORTEPLAY Website Server (www.sorteplay.com). The USER confirms that: (i) the contractual conditions applicable to the USER's participation in the gaming activities will be accepted in their entirety because the Gambler visits or registers on the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com). and (ii) any bet made by the USER will be accepted by the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com) in concurrence with the communication of the bet to the SORTEPLAY website (www.sorteplay.com) by the USER without any other act or formality. br>
26. These Terms and Conditions represent the complete, final and only agreement between the USER and SORTEPLAY, and replace and consolidate all previous contracts, representations and understandings between the Gambler and the Company. The contractual conditions contained herein may be modified and / or amended only by the publication of such modifications and / or amendments by the Company in the "Contractual Conditions" section, presuming the science of all USERS.


1. All bets on football matches are subject to what happens during regular time and compensation, excluding "Classification" type bets, where the result that will prevail will be that found at the end of the match, including extra time and The compensation time of the prime iro claimed to be the more dominant force in the game, and the statistics agreed with them - For the games already started, all bets will be paid based on what happened at the end of the game time (excluding extension and dispute by penalties), regardless of whether the statutory time has been played in its entirety or not where the result has been made official. If the departure is ADJUSTED, INTERRUPTED or, ABANDONED before the 90th minute, the cancellation of the ticket can be requested 72 hours after the scheduled time for the start of the game (minimum time to check if the game will continue or will occur at a future date), It is up to the SORTEPLAY officials to decide whether to wait for the game to be carried out or to request the cancellation of the ticket.

If there are bets on matches that have been interrupted, abandoned or postponed, bettor must wait for the affected match to take place in order to claim the total bet premium or request the cancellation of the ticket after a minimum of 72 hours and receive a refund only of the bet amount. In a possible case of ambiguity about the official result declared by the match officials, it will be determined by SORTEPLAY (in a consistent manner) using information from independent sources. If a team is disqualified, banned or otherwise removed from a league, one of the following applies:
4.1 If this happens before the season starts, all bets on all affected markets will be void (except those made in unconditionally determined markets), 4.2 If this happens after the season starts, all affected futures markets will be canceled and the team will be considered down and all bets on that team will be settled in all relevant markets (considering that the team may be reintegrated subsequently before the end of the season). It is considered that the season begins after the first game of the championship. For the purposes of this rule, markets for individual matches shall not be considered as "affected markets". In markets related to number of occurrences, for example "number of corners", these will be determined based on the number charged and not on the number of goals converted into the corner kick. Except when SORTEPLAY announces that it is expecting more information, any information that becomes public more than 72 hours after the resolution of a market will not be considered by SORTEPLAY (regardless of whether or not it results in a different result). > 8. If for any fault already played games that remain available for betting in the system is due to time error, quotation or for games anticipated. The tickets will be canceled and the bettor will have the refund of the amount bet. The limit of payment of prize per bet made is R $ 20,000.00 (TWENTY THOUSAND REAIS).

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